A training app specifically for staff who work with individuals on the subject of social determinants of health.

Learn to effectively navigate conversations around social determinants of health. Engage multiple fictional patients on topics including food security, social integration, transportation and safety/domestic violence.

Target Users:

Nurses, providers, residents, and patient rooming staff


  • It is a free app, compatible with all iOS and Android devices.
  • Simulated conversations require the user to decide the most appropriate communication.
  • Provides responses with rationale on correct/incorrect choices.


  • Skills – Technical: Distinguish between examples of ideal versus ineffective communication
  • Skills – Technical: Recognize the techniques for communicating in conversations on social determinants of health relative to the specific subject area. E.g. food scarcity, domestic violence, etc…

Data Collected:

This app features a reaction survey that launches from within app after completion of the final activity.

Survey can be viewed here: SDoH App Post Survey