Medical Cart AR is a resource for clinicians that need to know the specific details of crash carts and other medical containers. It features different modes that cover the same content in order to appeal to the greatest amount of learners and their individual preferences for learning.

Target Users:

Nurses, nursing students, providers, residents, and medical students.


  • It is a free app, compatible with most mobile devices released since 2017
  • Users can submit their name/ID at the end, which can be provided to educators upon request
  • It features augmented reality based modes, as well as a non-AR mode for quicker access to content


  • Skills – Technical: Recall the location of key items within the adult or pediatric crash cart in timely manner
  • Skills – Technical: Recognize the organizational system used within the adult or pediatric crash cart

Data Collected:

This app collects the following data per device, which can be provided as an Excel file:

Total app launches What content user installed (which carts)
Date of first use Performance on Timed Challenge sessions
Date of most recent use [Optional] User’s name and ID
Time spent in app, and per each section