Patient Safety AR is a fast paced game designed to promote the skill of recognizing safety issues. Content focuses on preventative measures for stopping patient falls, as well as numerous other hospital patient room errors and hazards.

Target Users:

Nurses, providers, residents, medical students, and anyone else that ever enters a patient hospital room.


  • It is a free app, compatible with most mobile devices released since 2017
  • Users can submit their name/ID at the end, which can be provided to educators upon request
  • The average play time is just under 13 minutes (based on data from more than 1,000 previous users)


  • Skills – Technical: Illustrate an appropriate environmental sweep
  • Skills – Technical: Identify the interventions required for a patient with a medium/high fall risk score
  • Skills – Behavioral: Comprehend the importance of doing an environmental sweep

Data Collected:

This app collects the following anonymized data, which can be provided as an Excel file:

Percentage score out of 50 (25 items to find + 25 follow up questions) Date/time of completion
Total time in seconds per play session (it’s by session in case it’s a shared device) List of questions they used a “hint” feature on
List of questions the user got wrong Number of session playthroughs on that device
Are they affiliated with OSF / UICOMP (true/false) [Optional] User’s name and ID